Hughie Mac Shares St. Patty's Day Music 


Acclaimed Singer/Performer Hughie Mac is Back - Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day with a Wonderful Selection of Great Classic Irish-American Music. 

“Enjoy a truly authentic St. Patrick’s Day with the 2017 album - Hughie Mac Sings Classic Irish & Classic Irish-American Songs. You’ll feel like you’re in the hills of Ireland. Érin Go Brách”. 

For Immediate Release 

March 16, 2018 [Philadelphia, PA] It’s that time of year as we grow closer to the beloved St. Patrick’s Day, a time for joy and celebration. What better to enjoy the day with a dose of great classic Irish-American songs. And who better to sing them for you but the accomplished singer and performer Hugh MacDonough p/k/a Hughie Mac of Suburban Philadelphia. The 16 track album - “Hughie Mac Sings Classic Irish & Classic Irish-American Songs” was released in 2017 and many have been enjoying it since the release date. You can now enjoy the sounds of great Irish folk classics during the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day celebration. 

You’ll be certain to be familiar with many of the classic Irish and Irish-American ballads, and up-tempo tunes on the new CD, “Hughie Mac Sings Classic Irish & Classic Irish-American Songs”. Tunes like “The Irish Rover” and “It’s a Great Day for the Irish” will have you stomping your feet, while the legendary Irish ballads “Danny Boy” and “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” will soothe your soul with visions of the beautiful Irish Hills. You don‘t have to be Irish to love this album, but it can’t hurt. 

Hughie Mac is well known in the greater Philadelphia region as the purveyor of classic old songs from the past. His music varies in genre from rock, RnB, and country, to the vintage big band sounds. Whatever he sings, it is sure to be recognizable and beloved. Hughie Mac makes it extremely obvious with this classic Irish-American album. Other albums and songs can be found on his official website 

You can download this amazing Irish theme record at iTunes. Happy St. Patty’s Day. ENJOY!

Irish Album And Xmas Album Completed 

Hughie Mac has finally completed his Irish theme album and Chrismas album.  They are both mastered and ready to be packaged.  Stay tuned for release dates on both records.

Hughie Mac is back in the studio 

May 31, 2017

Hughie Mac is currently in the recording studio recording 2 new albums of Irish theme music and a Christmas catalog.  Stay tuned for their release in the coming months.

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